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Mick's Wines sources and supplies quality Red, White, Rosé (Rose) and Sparkling Wines from many countries around the world from both the 'Old' and 'New World' regions at affordable prices. We deliver from our online Wine Shop direct to your door, premium wine from over 65 grape varieties including Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz and Riesling.

Please note: All our wines are bottled in the country of origin and imported directly into Vietnam.

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Canti Pinot Grigio Della Venezie DOC

A dry, soft and well balanced Pinot Grigio flavoured with apple-citrus flavors. Distinctive, fresh and intense, slightly fruity smell on the nose. The colour is an intense straw yellow with greenish reflections

Charles de Cazanove Champagne

The delicious Champagne has a full, sweet taste of ripe grapes with a very delicate and wonderful processing ratio, including 60% Pinot Noir, 30% Pinot Meunier and 10% Chardonnay. With a long ageing time in special oak barrels, the whole structure of the wine is expressed in a more complete and perfect way when the wine is more vibrant, richer and more aromatic. The wine has quite smooth and rich tannins, the soft acrid taste is shown extremely sweet and natural on the tongue of diners every time they enjoy it.
1,265,000 865,000

Greyman Blanc de Blancs Brut

Greyman Blanc de Blancs, is a French White wine is a blend of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc that offers green apple, creamy foam and floral aromas. Coupled with a fairly high acidity, the wine's moderate finish lends itself to the vibrancy of fruity personality. This wine offers a rather weak light with little perception of tannins. The sweetness is also not too obvious but still provides enough aroma of fruit.
350,000 270,000

Wine Opener - Corkscrew - Black Handle

Beautifully designed Ebony handled, stainless steel wine bottle opener - corkscrew. The lever design ensures certainty even when removing the most stubborn or long corks and minimises breakage or damage to the cork. There is a metal cutter for removing the wine bottle foil cover.
290,000 225,000

Wine Opener - Corkscrew

Beautifully designed wooden handled, stainless steel wine bottle opener - corkscrew. The lever design ensures certainty even when removing the most stubborn or long corks and minimises breakage or damage to the cork. There is a metal cutter for removing the wine bottle foil cover. The corkscrew comes in its own carry bag!
185,000 140,000

Decanter - Rona Sonoma

A beautiful Rona decanter is a must for wine lovers. The Sonoma is a 1500ml elegant decanter made from the special RONA glass composition known as crystalline and does not contain lead or any other pollutants or toxins. This makes it safe for your health, suitable for every lifestyle and price range. Decanting wine means slowly pouring the wine from its bottle into a different container, without disturbing the sediment at the bottom.
690,000 550,000

Red/Gold Gift Box including tools

This premium Wine Gift Box comes complete with Bar Tools and has straps to hold the wine bottles securely in place while in transit.
330,000 290,000

Paso Grande, Merlot

Nicely balanced Chile Red Wine. This soft and delicious Merlot is perfectly balanced with notes of plums. A light touch of Tannins adds depth and weight to end with a soft luscious finish.

Paso Grande, Cabernet Sauvignon

Nicely balanced Chile Red Wine. Dark red in colour, fruity red cherries, plum and a touch of oak. Soft round tannins, firm structure, finishing with hints of chocolate and berries.

Paso Grande, Sauvignon Blanc

Nicely balanced Chile White Wine. Lively aromas and herbaceous overtones, a firm crisp structure, silky and balanced acidity, medium body with a well-rounded soft long finish.

Lindsay Collection, Little Balcony

The White Wine displays fresh green tinges on a pale straw colour the nose shows aromas of fresh pear with some zesty citric notes the plate is fresh and lively with clean crisp acidity complementing the vibrant fruity flavours the palate has very good extension and ends clean and bright this style is produced to drink at a young age.

Bodegas Ego Acuma - Red Blend

It smells like rich, black fruit, both ripe plum and dried prune, raisins, dark chocolate, cracked pepper, and licorices. There are even some smoked meat and crushed gravel notes. Nice acidity and full, firm tannins. Flavors of dark fruit, smoke, and gravel come through. Vibrant fusion of black fruit, berry, chocolate and spices, ACUMA blends in with a rich, pomegranate ruby ​​red

Monte Llano Rioja

This young Spanish Tempranillo wine is a deep dark violet red colour. The nose offers aromas of ripe grapes, vanilla, redcurrants and blackberries. Really smooth structured touch in the mouth. Low-med acidity and fresh taste. Medium finish.

Bayanegra Verdejo

This delightful Verdejo (pronounced Ver-De-Ho) is a brilliant yellow colour with light green reflections. Fresh and complex aromas of white fruits pear and peach. An elegant and balanced structure displaying the mild citrus tones of this crisp wine.

Lindsay Collection, Trucking - Shiraz

This average body of Shiraz originates from vineyards in the South Australian vineyard of Riverland. Displays the characteristics of chocolate and licorice on the nose while providing a full berry fruit flavor on the palate with a bit of vanilla from the moment of contact with American Oak.

Lindsay Collection, Shanty On The Rise – Cabernet Sauvignon

Purple, fresh and bright. Balance well with berries and blackcurrant. Moderate with tight tannin. Enjoy a breath of air before drinking. Moderate, easy to drink with plum, cherries and olive black salty notes. Smooth and soft.

Passitivo Appasimento Primitivo Puglia

It is a full-bodied, rich and powerful Red Wine with an intense ruby red colour. The nose is complex with aromas of over-ripe cherries, raspberries, redcurrants, and plum spices and chocolate. On the palate, there are flavors of dried fruit, slight raisin character, plums, damsons and a hint of spice. The finish is rich and full with good, sweet fruit flavors in an excellent balance.

Imbuko Van Zijl Reserve

A deliciously bold and fruit driven Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve with succulent blackberry flavours. Smooth end with lingering delight.

Bienamado White Label

This Red Wine is a blend of 34% Monastrell, 33% Syrah and 33% Merlot grapes. The Red Wine has cherry red, black strawberry aroma, black pepper, Cocoa, tobacco, and barbecue.