Canti Moscato Spumante

A pleasantly sweet Prosecco made from the Muscat grape. The colour is pale straw yellow. The aroma is fragrant with delicate hints of muscat grapes, sage, honey and exotic fruits. The flavour is aromatic, warm, soft, with good freshness. Brilliant, fine and consistent bubbles with good persistence make this the perfect sparkling wine for a party.
제조자: Canti
SKU: MBS-1709
납기일자: 1 ~ 2 일

Canti Moscato Spumante

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원산지: 프랑스

상품 사양
NV - 비빈티지
알코올 도수 %9%
당도Semi Sweet
종류스파클링 와인
포도 품종Muscat Blanc
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Canti Rosato Vino Spumate

This beautiful Rose sparkling wine is a blend of the Glera and Pinot Noir grapes. It has a pale pink colour with a copper tint. The intense bouquet of the wine reveals attractive fruit flavors. Lively, fresh and soft taste, this elegant wine exhibits excellent balance.