Domus Vini

The Vedovato family founded the Domus Vini winery in the early 1900s in the Veneto region near Venice.
For four generations we have been engaged in the production of traditional Venetian wines and in the selection of the best Italian wines, that we have been offering to our customers and partners with experience and deep knowledge for over a century of history.

Domus Vini wines receive awards from the most prestigious national and international wine competitions every year.

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Kris Cool Bubbles - Vino Spumante

The bouquet of this Sparkling Wine from Italy is delicate and enveloping, with fragrant fruity notes. On the palate a soothing caress and a lively freshness are elegantly accompanied by refined notes of Pear, Apple and Peach. The perfect balance between acidity and the body generates emotions of intense pleasantness.
590,000 490,000

XXVI 임페리얼 밀레지마토 브뤼

이탈리아 스파클링 와인의 부케는 은은하고 향긋한 과일 향가 돋보이다. 입가에는 배, 사과, 복숭아 등의 섬세한 향기를 곁들인 생동감 넘치는 부드러움과 우아함이 있다. 산도와 농도의 완벽한 조화는 강렬한 감정을 만들어낸다.
890,000 690,000