A few hundred years ago, Hungary was one of the most important wine producers in Europe. Every royal court in Europe clinked glasses filled with precious gold Tokaji (“toe-kye”) wine, while other Hungarian Red and White wines were lauded and enjoyed throughout Europe.

So why don’t we see more Hungarian wine today? Two world wars, and forty years of communist rule is the answer.

Fortunately, Hungary is bouncing back. Countless small estates, replanted and cultivated across the country are producing beautiful wines–a result of traditional winemaking culture mixed with a modern sensibility. With 22 wine regions growing hundreds of varietals, the country offers a multitude of great wines to explore

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Tokaj Kardos Tündérmese

The quality of this 500ml bottle of Tundermese is similar to other high quality sweet wines ​such as Eiswine or Tokaj Asszu. Tundermese means fairy story, the perfect combination of 70% Yellow Muscatel and 30% Furmint created this dreamy, romantic wine ,in the world famous grape region. This treasured wine often tastes like candied tangerines and apricots, cinnamon and cloves, with a sweetness somewhere between honey and nectar. Its bright acidity balances out the extreme sugar content.

Mona Lisa Villányi Cuveé 3

The Cuvee wine bottle Mona Lisa is one of the great Villány winery success. It received the title: wine of the city. The blend of Cabernet Franc and Syrah gives the wine a strong and wild aromas of tropical fruits. Merlot offers aromas of fruit jam and black pepper. Note it is recommended not to drink this Red wine at low temperatures, the best temperature to enjoy is 16-18 ° c.