Moscato - Campo Dei Fiori - Vino Spumante

This delightful Italian Campo Dei Fiori Moscato sparkling wine is a wine made from aromatic grapes from hilly areas with a high wine-growing vocation, such as Moscato Bianco and Moscato Giallo. You get a sweet wine with a straw yellow colour with golden reflections and an intense aroma that remembers exotic fruits and orange blossoms
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납기일자: 1 ~ 2 일

Food Suggestion: This refreshing semi sweet sparkling wine is great paired with light seafood and pork dishes, or alternatively as a welcome drink or a drink to celebrate with friends at a party.

Origin: Fossalta, di Trebaseleghe, Italy

상품 사양
NV - 비빈티지
알코올 도수 %9.5%
당도Semi Sweet
종류스파클링 와인
포도 품종Blend (White)
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스페인의 이 젊은 Tempranillo템프라니요 와인은 짙은 보랏빛의 붉은 색이다. 코에는 잘 익은 포도, 바닐라, 레드커런트, 블랙베리의 향기를 난다. 입안에서 정말 매끄러운 구조적인 촉감. 저 - 미디엄 산도와 신선한 맛. 중간 마무리.
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Wicked Secrets Pink NV Moscato

This refreshing pink moscato is bursting with aromas of grapes, musk and melon. Boasting a fresh and vibrant palate, it is coupled with floral flavours and then topped with a balanced zesty, lime acidity. It’s low alcohol content makes it ideal for a girl’s day out or partying the night away. We recommend that you enjoy this wine when it’s young, fresh and chilled.
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