Neapolitan Chocolates Box

Each hanging box, contains a selection of 16 Neapolitan's individually wrapped paired to the wines! Our Neapolitan flavours are; Lime White, Pomelo Dark, Guava White, Ruby Pink Peppercorn, Coffee Dark, Chili Milk. Awesome value at only 150,000...
제조자: D'Art Chocolates
SKU: MBS-4000

A great gift for a friend or loved one..

Chili Milk Neapolitan - Featuring Dong Thap chillies - Vietnam's most prized, complex, and spiciest chillies. A battle in your mouth as milk chocolate fights to hold back the growing heat!

Guava White Neapolitan - Succulent chunks of Guava brings a heady aroma of fresh tropical flowers and notes of tropical fruits, into a caramel and creamy finish!

Coffee Dark Neapolitan - French roasted Arabica rushes to the fore, creating a marriage of fragrant bitter notes and sour aromatics, carried by waves of buttery cacao cream.

Pomelo Dark Neapolitan - Seductively oriental - candied pomelo brings out flavours of mint, chilli, citrus, smoky tea, and pepper. This is one meant for savouring slowly!

Ruby Pink Peppercorn Neapolitan  - A floral burst from specially selected pink peppercorns, highlighting fruity and creamy notes from Ruby chocolate!

Lime White Neapolitan - Let the fresh citrus notes of lime zest tingle your taste buds, before creamy caramel notes of white chocolate finishes with a linger of jasmine tea!

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