Nebbiolo is an Italian red wine grape variety predominantly associated with its native Piedmont region.

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Canti Barolo DOCG

Barolo is is produced from the Nebbiolo grape and grown around the town bearing the same name and is probably the most famous and most celebrated wine in Italy. Not without reason it was called, in the 19th century, 'The Wine of Kings, the King of Wines'. Initially the colour is deep ruby red changing to garnet toward brick red over time, and it refines its bouquet. The fragrance is intense and varied, ethereal and extremely pleasant. The taste is dry, full-bodied, robust and almost spartan in its expression, yet soft, pleasant and balanced. The wine has a distinctive resilience and complex character which does not appeal to everyone. In addition, the wine’s complexity and harsh tannins may seem extreme, but after learning to know the wine, it opens a very wide palette of flavors.