Spain has a large number of native grape varieties.

More importantly they have dedicated more land to growing grapes than any other country in the world. This has led to their own individual take on Red blends and Sparkling wines.

One of the things that makes Spanish wine special is that many wineries age the wine in oak barrels and in the bottle prior to it being available for purchase. This means the buyer gets the chance to taste cellared wines that have aged to the point of tasting their best without the need to invest in storage space at home.

When you look at a Spanish wine and see the terms Joven, Crianza, Reserva, or Gran Reserva, this is the indication of how long the aging was: Gran Reserva have been cellared the longest, and Joven the shortest time aging at the winery.

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Bayanegra Semi Sweet Tempranillo

A delightful sweet Tempranillo from South Eastern Spain. 30gr per litre of sugar make this wine a great addition to any wine collection. Intense cherry and violet tones that show its freshness. Predominance of fruit aromas such as blackberries and plums with slight hints of liquorice. The mouth is sweet and fresh because of the harmonic sweet and sour balance. Slight tannin note rounds it off to leave a long lasting wine.

Bayanegra Sweet Sparkling

A sweet sparkling wine made from the grape Airen, grown in South Eastern Spain. 60gr per litre of sugar make this a great party wine. This sparkling wine is characterised by a pallid colour with yellow iridescence, on the nose the smell of mature fruits (banana, pineapple or grapefruit)can be noted, and in the mouth, despite a certain lack of acidity, the wine is tasty and pleasant, easy to drink, though not particularly elegant.

Bayanegra Tempranillo Elegance (Black Label)

This Tempranillo Elegance is a deep red colour with violet tones. The scent of mature blackberries and plums, spices and mineral flavours, lingers. The smooth and soft tannins give this delightful red wine a succulent, strong and long finish on the palate.

Luzon Finca Blanco

This subtle blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Macabeo is yellow in colour with brilliant highlights and greenish hints On the nose, green apple aromas blend with citric and tropical notes On the palate, it is smooth with a balanced acidity and a persistent finish.
590,000 490,000

Bienamado White Label

This Red Wine is a blend of 34% Monastrell, 33% Syrah and 33% Merlot grapes. The Red Wine has cherry red, black strawberry aroma, black pepper, Cocoa, tobacco, and barbecue.

Monte Llano Rioja

This young Spanish Tempranillo wine is a deep dark violet red colour. The nose offers aromas of ripe grapes, vanilla, redcurrants and blackberries. Really smooth structured touch in the mouth. Low-med acidity and fresh taste. Medium finish.