Tinta de Toro

Tinta de Toro is a Spanish grape variety grown in the region of Toro (Zamora). Its origins date back to Romans times around 2nd century B.C.

After the plague of philoxere, in the 19th century, Spanish vineyards were re-converted. However, Tinta de Toro managed to survive this disease and today there are vines with more than 150 years.

It is a strong and resistant grape against the winter ice, with early maturation and a vigourous plant with compact bunches, of a medium size, with grains of a colour black- bluish.

The severe climate and the dry and stone soils provide a particular strength and elegance to grapes.

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Bigardo - Tinta de Toro

Bigardo Tinta de Toro red wine, made from 100% Tinta de Toro grapes, is a well-made, exciting Toro, brimming with tradition and vibrant youth, is sophisticated and straightforward, showing itself with a ruby red cloak with purple hues. The first nose is intense and layered, bringing forward aromas of black currants, boysenberries, and dried cherries infused with scents of unsweetened cocoa powder, cinnamon, and vanilla. A lovely bouquet over a robust, yet elegant palate that extends for minutes before gliding into a lush aftertaste. You can taste the intense red fruit with raspberry and blueberry notes. There is a hint of black fruit flavours as well, such as blackberry. Tannins are evident along with pine, cocoa, spice and licorice flavour notes. The finish is long and crisp, with a slight bitterness on the tip of your tongue.

Satellite - Tinta de Toro

Satellite red wine, made from 100% Tinta de Toro grapes, grown in the Toro region, Spain. A clean and bright wine with purple colours. Good volume, medium persistence. The character is softened by the ripe fruit, figs, spicy pepper, clove and floral notes and delicate tannins. It has a touch of bitterness at the end and is slightly acidic. This wine combines roundness and softness with balanced harmony. It will age well in bottle because it has good balance between ripeness and acidity.

Maldito Parne - Tinta de Toro

This medium-bodied red wine is made from the Tinta de Toro grape. It is a clean and clear ruby red colour. This wine has great drinking capabilities, on the nose there is plenty of red and black fruits and distinctive floral notes, with a very fresh acidity and a fruity mouthfeel.