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Neapolitan Chocolates Box

Each hanging box, contains a selection of 16 Neapolitan's individually wrapped paired to the wines! Our Neapolitan flavours are; Lime White, Pomelo Dark, Guava White, Ruby Pink Peppercorn, Coffee Dark, Chili Milk. Awesome value at only 150,000...

Bonbon Chocolates Box

Each hanging box, contains 4 unique Bonbon chocolates paired to the wines! The 4 flavours are: Mint Pomelo, Homemade Pomelo marmalade and mint brings a refreshing sensation to your mouth, and a creamy finish of white chocolate. Apple Mat Khanh Dark, If you love apple pie, then you will love our apple filling seasoned with fragrant notes of Vietnamese Mat Khenh! Ruby Strawberry Marshmallow, A special collaboration with Orlar - sweet Da Lat grown strawberries and fluffy marshmallows combine to create a strawberries and cream experience! Cappucino Dark, Real espresso and cream are introduced into dark chocolate ganache - experience the smokey note of fresh roasted coffee and velvety cream melting in your mouth! Awesome value at only 170,000...