Ốc Hút Sả Ớt

An extremely popular dish from the central region of Vietnam is called c Hút Sả Ớt. The dish comprises stir-fried snails with lemongrass and chili, served with rice paper as a street food. It is widely known that the majority of Vietnamese people from the central region prefer spicy foods and therefore, they tend to use chili and lemongrass for most meals. On a winter’s night, the combination of snails, lemongrass, and chili will create an amazing aroma.

Due to the spicy nature of Ốc Hút Sả Ớt the most suitable wine is a crisp dry white wine that will pair perfectly with the distinct taste of the snails and chilli. An Italian Pinot Grigio wine is a great example of a dry white wine, loved by many wine drinkers for its simplicity, ‘lack of fruit’ and sometimes saline quality.

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