South America is renowned for taking French grape vines and making them their own.

Argentina’s answer to Malbec and Chile’s version of Carménère are the best examples of where South America has taken a european grape and made it's wines both unique and original when compared to their European counterparts.

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Ramanegra Single Vineyard, Cabernet Sauvignon - Mendoza

Red Wine with bright red colours. The aromatic aroma of red and black fruits, like cherries and a hint of spicy pepper at the end. Tannins are rounded on the palate, with a hint of coffee flavor thanks to the 12-month incubation in French oak barrels. The strong aftertaste.

Ramanegra Single Vineyard, Malbec - Mendoza

The colour is intense red-purple. On the nose, the smell will be raspberry and sweet spices like cinnamon. In the mouth it is a Red Wine with excellent structure and concentration, soft texture with round and sweet tannins. Due to being aged for 15 months in French oak barrels, Ramanegra Malbec will have the notes of vanilla & tobacco attached.

Ramanegra, Altisimo Icon Wine Mendoza

This delicious Malbec comes from the Red Winemaker Casarena. Unique dark red with spice and tobacco flavors after 15 months of incubation in oak barrels. Good balance, soft tannins and excellent structure. Aftertaste lasted.