Canti Bio-Organic Prosecco & Apple Mat Khen Bonbon/ Pomelo Dark Neapolitan

This delicious Prosecco from Italy was produced in accordance with Bio-Organic and Vegan standards. It has a pleasantly intense fruity aroma with notes of pear and apple, with the remembrance of wisteria flowers. The taste is well-harmonised, fresh, with a light note of sweet almond with a slightly mineral aftertaste with bright light straw yellow color, white and fine foam.

Apple Mat Khen brings an interesting twist to pair with Canti Bio-Organic Prosecco. Reminisce you about the apple pie, then you will love our apple filling seasoned with fragrant notes of Vietnamese Mat Khen!

The amazing Dark Pomelo Neapolitan with its seductively oriental - candied pomelo notes which brings out flavours of mint, chilli, citrus, smoky tea, and pepper will be an amazing companion for this Bio-Organic Prosecco. This combination is perfectly meant for savouring slowly!