Decanter - Rona Mendoza

A beautiful Rona decanter is a must for wine lovers. The Mendoza is a 1500ml elegant decanter made from the special RONA glass composition known as crystalline and does not contain lead or any other pollutants or toxins. This makes it safe for your health, suitable for every lifestyle and price range. Decanting wine means slowly pouring the wine from its bottle into a different container, without disturbing the sediment at the bottom.
Manufacturer: Rona - Glassware
SKU: MBS-2201
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RONA products and quality rank it among the world´s leading manufacturers of the table top glassware with design created by a team of highly experienced, professional glass designers.

Using a Decanter to serve red wine in restaurants, hotels and even at home also creates aesthetic beauty. The color of the wine combined with the flow circulating in Decanter helps increase the attractiveness of the wine to the guests.

Made in Slovakia

Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Volume (ml)1500ml
TypeRed Wine