Dessert Wine

Dessert wines are defined by what part of the meal they are best suited to be enjoyed. Most dessert wines are sweet, but there are also some classic dessert wines made in a dry style.

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Tokaj Kardos Tündérmese

The quality of this 500ml bottle of Tundermese is similar to other high quality sweet wines ​such as Eiswine or Tokaj Asszu. Tundermese means fairy story, the perfect combination of 70% Yellow Muscatel and 30% Furmint created this dreamy, romantic wine ,in the world famous grape region. This treasured wine often tastes like candied tangerines and apricots, cinnamon and cloves, with a sweetness somewhere between honey and nectar. Its bright acidity balances out the extreme sugar content.

Dr Zenzen Eiswein 1636 Edition

This extremely sweet White Dessert Wine is a brilliant yellow-green with sensual citricc Bouquets of lemon and lime with light tones of honey and apricot.

Kracher, Noble Reserve NV Trockenbeerenauslese

This White Wine is a sweet Dessert Wine with a blend of Welschreisling 55%, Chardonnay 40% and Traminer 5%. It has a strong smell of tropical fruits such as maracuja and ripe mango, as well as fine flowers. On the palate slightly apricot and mandarin notes, very juicy, light yellow fruit after papaya and pineapple, fine acid curve, delicate after cherries on the finish, elegant and balanced, remains well adherent, overall very light-footed, indeed almost filigree. 375ml bottle

Kracher, Red Roses Beerenauslese Dessert Wine

This is a 100% Rosenmuskateller wine. Intense rose aromas, rose oil, rose water. This rose muscat berry selection enchants with its powerful strawberry aroma. The citrus notes give the wine freshness. The character of the wine is determined by the discreet tannins and makes the Red Roses a wonderful pleasure. 375ml bottle