Mực Hấp Gừng

This delicious seafood dish is simply created by gently steaming the freshly caught squid with slices of ginger, whole spring onions and a dash of salt. Mick's Wines recommends that Ginger Steamed Squid (Mực Hấp Gừng) is best paired with the pleasant Muller Thurgau White wines from Germany.

This dish paired with the wine can be served as a starter or as part of the main meal with steamed rice and “nuoc mam” (fish sauce).

Muller Thurgau wines have the fresh scent of lemon, green apple and essence of fresh flowers.

The slightly sour taste of the citrus fruits and characteristic pear flavours add to the mineral taste and complement perfectly the ginger and spring onion in this traditional squid dish served predominantly in the coastal regions of Vietnam.

Mick's Wines recommends Dr. Zenzen Muller Thurgauhttps://mickswines.com/dr-zenzen-muller-thurgau