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New Products

Stonefish Sauvignon Blanc - Margaret River

The superb Margaret River Sauvignon Blanc displays a vibrant bouquet of freshly cut peach, gooseberries and lemongrass. crisp flavours of white pear and squeezed limes introduce a vital palate of viscous natural acidity and subtle tones of brioche and candied nuts,A focused finish of bristling freshness and fruit purity.

Bayanegra Sweet Sparkling

A sweet sparkling wine made from the grape Airen, grown in South Eastern Spain. 60gr per litre of sugar make this a great party wine. This sparkling wine is characterised by a pallid colour with yellow iridescence, on the nose the smell of mature fruits (banana, pineapple or grapefruit)can be noted, and in the mouth, despite a certain lack of acidity, the wine is tasty and pleasant, easy to drink, though not particularly elegant.

Bayanegra Semi Sweet Tempranillo

A delightful sweet Tempranillo from South Eastern Spain. 30gr per litre of sugar make this wine a great addition to any wine collection. Intense cherry and violet tones that show its freshness. Predominance of fruit aromas such as blackberries and plums with slight hints of liquorice. The mouth is sweet and fresh because of the harmonic sweet and sour balance. Slight tannin note rounds it off to leave a long lasting wine.

Ramon Bilbao Verdejo

This Ramon Bilbao Verdejo (pronounced Ver-De-Ho) from the Rueda region of Spain is yellow-green in colour with medium intensity, it is a clean and brilliant wine. The smell is Intensely fruity, with herbal notes of fennel and aniseed and the presence of citric aromas and white flowers.

Face Mask - Biodegradable - 3 Layer - Breathable - Washable

The Biodegradable masks are made from a microfibre polyester, same as DriFit material. 3 layers. The outside layer is water resistant, the inner layer is sweat wicking and the middle layer is an antibacterial cotton filter. The antibacterial filter remains 99% effective for up to 30 washes - each mask should last for between 2 - 3 months depending on usage.