RCR Invino - Red Wine Glass

LUXION® eco-crystal Red Wine glass. Price is for a box of 6 glasses. H:218mm, Cl:670ml
Manufacturer: RCR - Glassware
SKU: MBS-2006
Delivery date: 1-2 days

Red Wine glass in a classic design with an elegant, functional feel

LUXION® eco-crystal glass, the first eco-crystal glass, is an ultraclear crystal glass produced with electric furnaces with zero atmospheric discharge. The electric furnaces are powered by electrical energy derived directly or indirectly from renewable sources and pure raw materials, which allow to obtain a material with maximum brilliance and transparency, without using bleaching and highly polluting agents. LUXION® eco-crystal glass is a 100% recyclable material. At RCR, the best strategy has always been not to pollute, because safeguarding the environment is good for business.

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TypeRed Wine
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